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Load-in/Load-out Info

Exhibitor Information Packet

Please read carefully the Load-in/Out information as it has changed from 2015.

Download - 2016 Exhibit Hall Info Packet

Tax Information for Exhibitors

The State of Arizona and City of Phoenix require anyone who is selling merchandise (either re-sale or original creations) or a service (Autographs, Photo's, Selfies, Etc.) to obtain temporary sales permits for the collection of sales tax from both entities. Phoenix Comicon has no role in this process, other than to provide links to the forms for the convenience of our exhibitors and creators. Any questions regarding these applications should be directed to the State and City Department of Revenue's, respectively. Tax inspectors will be on site during load-in to verify exhibitors have completed the necessary tax and business licensing requirements, to expedite your time during load in please have all forms submitted at least two weeks prior to the show.

More info can be found at the City of Phoenix website or the State of Arizona website.

For specific Tax and Licensing questions please contact:

Beth Montano 
License Inspector
City of Phoenix
P: 602-534-9565

Business Tax Forms     
AZ State TPT tax License ($12 Fee)    
City of Phoenix Application for Transaction Privilege (Sales) and Use Tax  License ($50 Fee)    
AZ (TPT-1) Transaction Privilege, Use, and Severance Tax Return    

2016 Service Provider Information

On-site Decorator Internet Service Provider Electrical, Plumbing & Lighting Provider
Download - CSI Service Kit Order on-line Order on-line
  Download and print the .pdf Download and print the .pdf


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