Marc Bernardin

Marc Bernardin has been a managing editor of Starlog magazine, a consulting editor for Fangoria magazine and a senior editor for Entertainment Weekly and He just wrapped up his first season as a television writer, for Syfy’s Alphas and is currently an editor for The Hollywood Reporter as well as a blogger for sites like,,, and He’s also a comic book writer, having authored or co-authored Static Shock (DC), X-Men Origins: Nightcrawler, Wolverine (Marvel), The Authority (WildStorm), The Highwaymen (WildStorm), GENIUS (Top Cow), Hero Complex (Kickstart), and Monster Attack Network (AiT/Planetlar). Some of those books are being adapted for the screen, while others are quite content to look quite handsome on a shelf. All of the following are true: He has sat in James T. Kirk’s chair, gotten drunk with Mal Reynolds, and been flipped off by Xena.

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