Heath Corson
Heath Corson is a WGA award-winning writer who has swiftly become the go-to guy for all things superhero at Warner Brothers Animation. Heath rebooted the entire DC animated universe with his critically acclaimed adaptation of JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR, setting the tone for all other subsequent animated films and is the writer of the upcoming BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM, set in the world of the Arkham video games, due out this summer.
Additionally, it has been confirmed he is writing  two other top secret projects for them. Heath also has worked on Tom & Jerry and Scooby Doo projects and has been deemed an “Official DC Comics Historian” by DC Entertainment. 
Heath executive produced, co-wrote and co-created the digital project "Aim High,"produced by Warner Brothers and McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision. The series, starring Twilight’s Jackson Rathbone and Friday Night Light’s Aimee Teegarden, was Facebook’s first original series and aired to overwhelming acclaim. For his efforts, 
Heath was rewarded with the 2012 Writers Guild of America’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Writing Original New Media and the 2012 NAPTE Digital Luminary award. 
Currently, Heath is developing FIASCO!, a one-hour action drama with MarK Gordon Productions with feature film director Joe Carnahan (The Grey, A-Team) attached to direct. 
Additionally, Heath is executive producing and writing his next digital series The Hunters about a mother/daughter bounty hunter team in Texas as well as writing The Pathetic Princess a feature for Paramount’s new Animation division as well as having sold the animated feature Raj Reddy: Palace Peacock to Warner Bros. Pictures. 
He is a co-host of the NERDIST WRITERS PANEL: COMICS EDITION and has a blast chatting with other genre writers about writing (or NOT writing as the case may be.) 
Heath was fixture in Chicago Theatre, when he was approached by Mainframe Entertainment to adapt his stage play Scary Godmother (based on the Jill Thompson comic of the same name) for television. The result, the animated holiday special "Scary Godmother’s Halloween Spook-tacular" still runs every year on Cartoon Network and has become a holiday staple. 
From this success, Heath realized all roads lead west and he moved to Los Angeles. 
Then movers stole all of his stuff. It’s a good story. Ask him to tell you it. 
After that, it’s a lot of blah blah blah until, he co-wrote Hooked, a short film that premiered at the HBO Comedy Arts Festival in 2006 and caught the eye of television executives. This led to both a blind script deal with FOX 21 for the project "Chicago Post" and a pilot at 20th  Century Fox Television that he produced and co-wrote called "Living with Abandon." 
Heath holds a BA in Literature and a minor in Jewish Studies from Northwestern University. He is open to suggestions on how to best use either. 
He has since bought new stuff. 
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