Rob Osborne

Rob Osborne is an artist, designer, and writer living in Austin, Texas.

He authored the award-winning graphic novel 1000 Steps To World Domination and the critically-acclaimed graphic novella Sunset City. His other graphic novel and comics credits include The Nearly Infamous Zango, The Accountants, and Talking Noggins.

Additionally, Osborne has produced a variety of art prints. Referencing geek and popular culture, romance, pulp adventure, and nostalgia, his work can be found online at

Osborne has written for video games and worked as an editorial cartoonist. He taught cartooning at the Austin Museum of Art. He knows how to swing a sledge hammer and drive a forklift.

Osborne's clients have included The Arizona Republic, Avnet, DC Comics, Picture Marketing, University of Southern California, Southwestern University and ZeniMax/Bethesda Softworks.

Rob Osborne has been putting his pants on two-legs-at-a-time since 2006.

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