R. Bradley Snyder

Researcher and children’s media consultant, R. Bradley Snyder, has offered insights that have informed the creation of some of the industry’s most successful television programs, videogames, toys, and campaigns. Brad has consulted on programs such as Adventure Time for Cartoon Network, Aqua Teen Hunger Force for Adult Swim, and Super Hero Squad and Avenger for Marvel. Other clients include Disney, Discovery Kids and National Geographic Kids.  For more than 20 years Brad has explained children and youth to adults, and his work extends far beyond the entertainment community into social services, including reforming juvenile correction and detention systems for the US Department of Justice.

In 2012, the prestigious medical publishing company, Demos Medical, approached Brad to share his insights with the parenting community. The result was his book, The 5 Simple Truths about Raising Kids, which is used in parenting classes and board rooms across the country. Following that success, Brad was asked to partner in a new publishing house for children’s books. The first books - What Every Child Needs To Know About Elvis Presley, What Every Child Needs To Know About Cancer, and What Every Child Needs To Know About Coffee - explain pop culture to children and are available in bookstores nationwide.

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