Matt Goodall


Matt Goodall is the artist and co creator of Sonic Youth, a superhero comedy that features a humorous look at parenthood and the suburban lifestyle for Spazdog Press.  In November 2011 Matt supplied the pencils for the story Shoplifters of the World Unite, which again paired him with Sonic Youth writer and Spazdog Press founder Shawn Demumbrum and also with Jason Pederson's inks.  The story appears in the compilation Unite and Take Over: Stories Inspired by the Songs of the Smiths.  Matt also supplied all of the art for the story Oscillate Wildly, written by Chris Murrin and Andy Jewett, which will appear in Unite and Take Over volume II released in 2012.  Matt also has several works in progress for 2013 under his own company Long Dog Art among others with other local Phoenix creators. 

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