Daniel M Davis

Daniel M Davis runs Steam Crow, an indie studio/project/show dedicated to making good monster goods - that make you unsad.

Steam Crow is known for creating “spookycute” characters with a vintage aesthetic, including the Monster Commute comic, 5 books, hundreds of prints, and over 29 incantations - with varying degrees of success.

Daniel is also the founder of TINY ARMY, a rag-tag PHX illustration group dedicated to sharing knowledge, inspiration, and helping each other succeed.

Daniel did not invent the doppelganger, or the tuber, though he may have created the first “Car-be-que” when he first moved to Arizona in 2004.

At this point Daniel would like to thank his wife-partner Dawna for putting up with him and his random acts of creativity. (And for being instrumental in the success of the Steam Crow.)

He would also like to apologize to you, now.

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