Jonathan D Goff

Jon Goff is a Writer/Artist/Toy Designer from Tempe, AZ.

Companies: The McFarlane Companies (Todd McFarlane Productions, McFarlane Toys, Todd McFarlane Entertainment), 343 industries (Microsoft Games Studio).

Credits (Comics): SPAWN (200-present), The Adventures of SPAWN Online, The Adventures of SPAWN: Director’s Cut, The Adventures of SPAWN #2

Credits (Novels): Halo Evolutions -- “Headhunters” (short story), “Beyond” (poem), “Acheron-VII” (poem), “ICON,” “Connectivity” (poem).

Credits (Action Figures*): HALO (McFarlane Toys), LOST (McFarlane Toys), SPAWN, The Adventures of SPAWN, Movie Maniacs, McFarlane’s Dragons, McFarlane’s Twisted Christmas, McFarlane’s Monsters, more. * - All action figure development done in conjunction with Todd McFarlane and the McFarlane Toys Design Group.

Jon’s current projects include plotting and providing scripting assistance on Todd McFarlane’s monthly SPAWN comic book. He is also developing a handful of creator-owned comics including BIG HITTERS (with Travis Sengaus) and JACK RABBIT (with Jim Hanna), as well as a series of episodic science-fiction/noir novels.

This June, Jon’s fan-favorite short story, “Headhunters,” set within the expanded Halo universe, will be adapted into a special three-part motion comic premiering on Halo Waypoint on XBOX Live. More information can be found at


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