Wayne Gardiner


Wayne Gardiner is founder and owner of Crucidel Productions, a small press comic book production company. Crucidel has published two projects created, written, and produced by Wayne Gardiner. CrossStar is a 7 issue comic series published in 2012/2013 that follows the adventures of a cloaked crusader who fights crime in modern-day America using a sword, his horse Starlight, and his throwing stars called cross-stars, from where he gets his name. Wayne's other series, Knightingail, is an all-ages, fantasy-adventure comic book that follows the story of a teenage Forester princess who becomes Knightingail, a mystical powered warrior who must re-unite the tribes in her homeland to fight a massive invading army. Knightingail Volume 1 was originally self-published and has since been picked up by Big Dog Ink. Big Dog Ink published the Knightingail Volume 1 trade in Dec 2012; and the Knightingail Volume 2 series is slated for publication from BDI in summer 2013.

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