Al Sparrow

Al Sparrow got his start in the comic industry in the early 1970s when he read his older sisters’ copies of Archie, Supergirl, and X-Men comics. After starting design group Studio Fugazi in the early 2000s, he was approached by a prominent artist who asked if he’d be interested in partnering up to create the greatest comic book the world may ever know. That book became Thugs – a book destined to win the Eisner if only that wasn’t such a popularity contest! Branching out into the realms of romance, Al began creating Dedlock – a love story for a supervillain – around 2009, and followed that up with the recent fantasy romp Travis, the Undying. Yes, he’s writing three books and drawing two of them at the moment. He’s kind of stupid that way. In between books he sketches, paints, walks his dog, cooks dinner, and occasionally goes to bed.

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