Travis Hanson

"Travis Hanson is an Eisner-nominated, fantasy illustrator with a huge imagination. For the last 15 years he has worked in comics, children's art, RPG fantasy, and games; and fans from conventions also know him for his simple fun illustrations that encourage the basic human need for creativity. 

Travis loves to create and tell stories. His goal with his artwork is fill people with a sense of adventure, wonder, imagination and especially hope. His works tell their own stories and if you let them they will take you places. So if you are ever feeling blue or need a recharge, come and hang out in my imagination, because he know that if he can bring someone else up and add a sense of wonder, excitement and a drive to be creative than he is on the right track. 

Travis created the long running comic series "the Bean" (and is currently working on Book 4) and has also published an art book, "Adventures for a Lazy Afternoon." His newest book, "Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone," is also forthcoming this fall."

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