Whilce Portacio

While attending his very first Comicon in 1985, Whilce Portacio started his career in the comic book industry when then Marvel Comics editor Carl Potts offered him an inking job. That job was inking over Art Adams on his first book “Longshot”. Whilce inked a few more artist like Jim Lee's first work on “Alpha Flight”, but soon it was clear that he was meant to pencil his own work. Starting on a book called “Strikeforce: Morituri” he then went on to pencil Marvel books like “Punisher”, “Uncanny X-Men”, “X-Factor”, “X-Force”, “Legion of Night”, “Heroes Reborn: Iron Man”, “Incredible Hulk”, “Journey into Mystery: Thor”, among others. While working primarily as an artist in the X-office he was also given the chance to plotting out storylines for his books which eventually lead to Whilce creating his own character for the X-Men by the name of Bishop (Bishop first appeared in the Uncanny X Men #282 in 1991). Whilce then joined forces with six other top artists to form Image Comics and created "Wetworks". He also worked on DC and Wildstorm titles likes “The Authority”, “Eye of the Storm”, “Batman:Gotham Knights”,  Superman/Batman”, the second run of “Wetworks”?and “Batman Confidential”. To date, Whilce has returned to creator-owned books. Their first release under Image Comics is the book called “Non-Humans” with his partner screenplay writer Glen Brunswick (Gray Area, Killing Girl, Jersey Gods).

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