Larry Nemecek

He's worked 20+ years in "Trekland," so that's the name of his brand—and now, native Okie Larry Nemecek's latest credits include the new Amazon maps/book hit "Star Trek: Stellar Cartography" and appearing as Dr. McCoy in the first two episodes of indie online hit Star Trek Continues, remaining a creative consultant. Best known as author of the classic "Star Trek: Next Generation Companion" and longtime editor of official ST Communicator magazine and Fact Files UK and Japan, Larry still writes his "Fistful of Data" column for Trek Magazine, guest-blogs at, shares often on podcasts and the CBS Trek Blu-ray documentaries, plus released two editions on CD from his own hundreds of hours of remastered archival Trek interviews as the "Trekland: On Speaker" series. 

Come July, guess who's once again heading up Geek Nation Tours' next "LA2Vegas Trek Film Site Tour With Larry Nemecek"?  Most of all, make sure to find time Saturday night for another bonus "Dr. Trek" show of prize trivia, rare clips and late-night tales as a meetup-fundraiser for Larry's true-life "Con of Wrath" documentary project. Along with story credit for the “Prophecy” episode of Voyager, appearances in docs like "Trek Nation" and "The Green Girl," and working as a producer at the original, Larry shares two Associated Press statewide awards from his news days—and roots mightily for his Oklahoma football Sooners.  Whatever you do, corner Larry sometime over the weekend for some great Trek stories of yore and insights into the franchise future.

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