Mike Choi

Michael Choi is a comic book artist known for his work on books such as Witchblade, X-23, and X-Force.

Choi penciled a six-issue Marvel entitled X23: Target X miniseries.  Mike then joined Marvel and penciled Uncanny X-Men from issue #495 to issue #499 with writer Ed Brubaker.  In the April 2007 issue of Wizard Magazine (#186) Choi was named number 10 of the "Hot 10 Artists" for his work on X-23: Target X. Said the magazine, "Choi pulls up the rear with his newly popular, vibrant pencils."  Mike previewed his creator-owned series, Chomperstompers, on Twitter, before its debut at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con.

In 2012, Choi provided the cover to Green Lantern vol. 5 #5, and guest pencilled issue #6

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