Lex Lang

Lex Lang is a two time Emmy Award Winning American Voice Actor, Director, Singer Songwriter and Entrepreneur. Over the last sixteen years he has been in over five hundred Original Animation episodes, Anime series, and Video Games.   From Han Solo in the Star Wars video games, to Sanoske Sagara in the epic Ruroni Kenshin anime series, to voices in the new Marvel Blockbuster, Ironman 3, Lex has played a wide assortment of well known heroes and villains throughout his career.  Most recently Lex played Barry on The Regular Show, Dr. Doom in the new Avengers cartoon series and in the Marvel Heroes video game, Dr. Polaris and Dick Grayson as Batman in Batman Brave and the Bold, Marechio Omaeda in the anime series Bleach, Hayate Gekko in Naruto, and Shozin the Fire Lord in Avatar the Last Airbender animated series. You may have heard him as the Announcer on Spike TV for The Guys Choice Awards and Eddie Murphy: One Night Only a tribute to Eddie Murphy. Lex's video game directing credits include, Warhawk, Starship Troopers, GRID, World of Warcraft and Dirt 2.  Lex is also a musician, guitarist and songwriter, he has been writing great songs since he was a child, and his music can be found on iTunes, CDBaby and his web site www.lexlang.com.

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