Horror, Paranormal & Monsters Staff

The Horror, Paranormal and Monsters (HPM) staff is a team of fans that love gore, zombies, spooky things and scary monsters lurking around. We bring you great events like the Zombie Walk and Zombie Beauty Pageant both happening Friday night. There are several paranormal teams from Arizona joining us this year along with Paul Bradford from Ghost Hunters International. Actors from hit zombie TV shows and zombie themed panels from Department of Zombie Defense and the Longshots. Horror themed panels from Dr. Diabolic, Craig Chenery and the 13th Floor. How to panels for applying horror and zombie makeup. Panels on vampires and other monsters including guests from hit shows like True Blood and Being Human. We look forward to seeing you this year and hope you enjoy the programming put together by the HPM Staff with Phoenix Comicon. May the zombies be with you.

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