United Zombies of America (UZA)

UZA -- We are United Zombies of America, a small family-owned and operated business and we just recently received our LLC, even though our initial grassroots organization “broke ground” in the spring of 2012. We are an organized, professional, performing group of actors. We enjoy being Zombies but we can and have done several other characters as well. We not only act, but we have done many other types of services while we work with and for others. A few of us have been doing this type of service and employment for many decades now. Our skills and experiences are varied to say the least. We are also more importantly a “family friendly” and “appropriate for all ages” group. We know that “Families that SCARE together STAY together!”
UZA is a professional acting group. Our family’s initial, core group was trained by professionals from Universal Studios, Disney, Rocky Point’s Haunted House, The Haunting Haunted House at Halloween Express, Thirteenth Floor, and House of Torment. Some of us have been trained by certain professionals with these groups and have even been trained on how to train others to perform. We have had theatrical training and we have acting backgrounds as well. We are NOT a Zombie Only Business. We Do Love Zombies, but we also Love old-time movie monsters, as well as gothic, sinister, horror characters, and most horror genre.
We have done the following things: acting in professional haunted houses for the past five years, comic cons, AZ Thespians 2013, Thrill The World Phoenix, AZ – dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller at the State Fair 2013, various character walks, music videos, commercials, movies – including “Cowboy Zombies” just released on DVD 2014, promoting various businesses and cons, training, teaching, panels, various makeup for selves and others, DJ-ing events and dances, photography – taking pictures and being in pictures, security, volunteering, and charity work as well as so very many other things.
So we do the following: makeup and special FX, acting and improvisation, training/classes/panels on various topics, promoting and advertising, movies/commercials/videos, comic cons, haunted houses, photography, costuming, art, security, social media, DJ-ing, parties and carnivals as well as all kinds of events, volunteering, and charity work. We are currently developing products to sell at our booth and online as well.
We also created our own “ZOMBIE ATTACK” game also known as “Plants VS Zombies” at Comicon 2012 and 2013. UZA Zombie Attack is a game that travels throughout Arizona. It can be scary or “family friendly” for kids or scaredy cats. Game description: Zombie Attack is an interactive game. Outside of a big tent you stand behind caution tape. Zombies come at you from inside the tent. You have to “kill” the Zombies by throwing balls at them, before they get to you. We can make the game as easy or as hard as you want it to be. Depending on the time of day and the location played at there can be lights and fog inside the tent. The lights go to music that is used for the game and for the time waiting between games. The entire game has music you play to and it comes with a soundtrack made for the game and its own DJ. *Don’t forget to book the UZA for your upcoming events. Book us early to make sure we can meet your event’s needs.
If you are “unique” in any way THEN you might just find UZA a place where you would find the “perfect fit” especially if you do LOVE Zombies! So come on and join us for some fun or relaxation, we don’t bite…hard. For your entertainment and amusement cravings the UZA is available for a departure from the normal run of the mill into the “Fiendishly Supernatural Zombie Zone” so you may party with those things that go bump in the night...and the daytime, too. PARTY ON with UZA -- United Zombies of America, LLC, Entertainment, not only for the walking dead but for all the living too! “We are faith-based, we have high standards, and we aim for excellence.” We are the first original group and business of our kind so please beware of the imitations and knock-offs pretending to be the first and the best.

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