Dan Jurgens

Having written or drawn most every major title published by DC Comics and Marvel Comics, Dan Jurgens is recognized by fans everywhere as a major creative force.

Jurgens began his career with DC Comics as artist on THE WARLORD. Shortly after, he created, wrote and drew BOOSTER GOLD for DC. He continued with stints on FLASH GORDON, GREEN ARROW, and THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. Most notably, he logged a ten-year run as writer/artist on SUPERMAN, including the best-selling Death of Superman for which he won the National Cartoonists Society Award for Best in Comic Book Division. Jurgens followed up with the mega-hit crossover ZERO HOUR, which redefined the DC Universe.

He moved to Marvel Comics and launched a new Spider-Man series, THE SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN. Jurgens then logged seven years writing THE MIGHTY THOR and also wrote and drew CAPTAIN AMERICA.

In 2005 Jurgens moved into the world of book publishing to write and illustrate You Can Draw Marvel Characters for Dorling Kindersley Publishing.

Jurgens has since returned to DC Comics where he helped relaunch, write and draw BOOSTER GOLD, which he first created in 1985. He moved on to write and draw TIME MASTERS: VANISHING POINT and revisit the Death of Superman in DC UNIVERSE: LEGACIES. In 2011, Dan returned to writing and drawing BOOSTER GOLD in order to make it part of a very special storyline involving the entire universe of DC characters.

As part of DC Comics' major NEW 52 launch, Dan was heavily involved in two projects. He started with JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL, which focused on a team of global heroes serving as earth's protectors. The team was lead by Dan's creation, Booster Gold. In addition, Dan drew the newly launched GREEN ARROW series, featuring a dramatic new vision of DC's Emerald Archer. Dan followed that up with a return to the SUPERMAN and FIRESTORM titles, which he wrote and drew.

In 2014, Dan will be one of the artists and writers on DC Comics' dynamic new weekly series, NEW 52: FUTURES END, which explores both the present and future of the DC Universe of stars. Dan also launches a new series for DC called AQUAMAN AND THE OTHERS, featuring Aquaman and the enigmatic new group of heroes simply known as The Others.

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