Allen Amis
Allen Amis was born on Ft. Biggs Army Base, in El Paso Texas, in 1971 and currently lives and works in Chandler Arizona. Amis was raised on Saturday morning cartoons, science fiction, and monsters movies by his Military Father and his Seamstress Mother. He has since then attended Art Schools and Technical schools that gave him the necessary fuel he needed to feed his desire to design and build quality costumes and props.

In 2009 he created his own costume and prop business, Anarchy Squared Creations, and since then has won awards and accolades for his ability to bring artistic concepts and renderings to life as wearable costumes and displayable props. 

Currently you can catch Amis displaying and even wearing some of his creations at local Comic Book Conventions, Art Walks, and Charity functions held throughout the year. You can even attend one of his costuming panels where he discusses his techniques on costume and prop building. 


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