Michael Faust
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Haters gonna hate, Faust is gonna Faust is the motto of The Disco Wolverine Michael Faust. He forged an identity for himself utilizing unconventional & irrational techniques in the haunted house industry. Dubbed "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Scare", Faust brought his uncanny abilities to recruit and lead followers to his cause no matter how destructive or heroic they may be to the Nationally Ranked House of Torment in Austin Texas. Michael's work at The House of Torment gained accolades from MSN, Wall St. Journal, Travel Channel, Haunt World Magazine, American Haunts and The Austin Chronicle. Well-read in the occult, paranormal, religious, and psychological teachings, his research helped manifest the abominus vision of Global Fear Enterprises. A Horror multimedia production FX studio owned by both Faust and brother Matt Valentine (Face Off season 2 alumni). At GFE Faust and Valentine bring full body FX suits and Un-natural concepts from design to completion for clients across the globe. Faust appeared on Face Off season 4 in 2012 injecting his unique concepts and story driven makeups. After Face Off Faust retired from the Makeup FX world and refocused his vision on the Haunted House industry working with the 13th Floor Haunted House. Currently Faust is the Executive Research/Operations Manager and Lead fabricator at Global Fear Enterprises, and Show Quality manager for The 13th Floor Haunted House and The House of Torment Haunted House in Austin Texas.

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