Jacqueline Mackenzie

Teen Actress and singer whose credits include Black Limousine.  Her current single "Somethin' 'bout You" is nb. 2 in Australia.

BIO fr: IMDB:Jacqueline is a Los Angelina born and raised. Because her mom Liane Curtis (16 Candles) wanted to keep the family's 2nd language going, she has spoken to Jacqueline primarily in French at home from birth to present. To reinforce the French, Jacqueline was sent to French pre-school and to Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles for Kindergarden and 1st Grade. Now in middle school she is thriving both academically, socially and musically. She still understands French but is very shy about speaking it. Jacqueline loves singing and pretty much does it all day long. Not only does she sing but she composes original material and performs live about once a month here in Los Angeles. Spin Move Records will be releasing her 1st single Best Life written & produced by Ainjel Emme, on iTunes in 2012. Jacqueline is a natural performer. At 4 and 5 when mom was experimenting with playing out, she performed music with her at clubs such as Ghengis Cohen, Temple Bar and at McCabes and was fearless about it back then too. Jacqueline holds an Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. She has been training since September 21, 2005. Miss Mackenzie stayed on schedule and got her 1st Poom (Junior Black Belt) on June 5, 2010. Jacqueline's love and fierce passion for both music and acting are quite evident. She has an amazing sense of truth and camera loves her face. Jacqueline is 3rd generation composer on her maternal grandmother,Paulette Girard's (The Boyfriend, whose works were recorded by Coltrane, Carmen McRae,Hank Jones)side. Jacqueline is a very creative young lady both in life and where her craft is concerned. Jacqueline has 2 big brothers one graduated SFSU and the other attends Cal Berkeley. Jacqueline also has a Caique named Velcro who lives up to his name and goes literally everywhere with her.

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