Arizona Paranormal Investigations (API)

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We are a highly trained, non-profit paranormal investigation group, registered with the State of Arizona, providing service and education to Arizona and the Southwest since 1994. Having served the public for more than 18 years, we are the oldest, most respected paranormal investigation group in Arizona.


Panel Name and Description

How to capture Audio Evidence while ghost hunting  (Sat. 3:00pm – 4:00pm Rm 131C)

Learn the best ways to capture audio evidence of a haunting.  Learn about equipment, techniques, and hear some of the best EVP’s and other audio evidence captured by Arizona’s oldest paranormal investigation group.

How to Research the History of Haunted Locations  (Sunday 12pm – 1pm Rm 131C)

Knowing the history of a haunted location is important if you are a professional or even just a weekend ghost hunter.  Come learn how to research locations and people to give you the best chance of capturing that paranormal evidence!

The Actuality of Ghost Hunting  (Friday 9pm-10pm Room 131C)

Do the TV shows depict the reality of paranormal investigating?  How do they get those photos?  Come listen and learn from Arizona Paranormal Investigations’ members who have a combined 60+ years of experience studying the paranormal.  View some of our best photos.  Hear about the places that have made us continue on this quest.  Get your questions answered about ghost hunting vs. paranormal investigating.

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