Myke Cole

Myke Cole is unable to attend Phoenix Comicon 2016

Phoenix Comicon welcomes author Myke Cole! Best known for writing the Shadow Ops series, Myke’s career outside of being a novelist has encompassed everything from counterterrorism to cyber warfare and federal law enforcement, as well as three tours in Iraq and responding to domestic disasters like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and hurricanes Irene and Sandy. He's a die-hard gamer, raised on 1st edition Dungeons and Dragons, and a huge comic nerd (his favorite is, unsurprisingly, Captain America).

Myke recently celebrated the publication of Gemini Cell, a new book set in the Shadow Ops universe, but with a whole new storyline and characters and intended as an entry point for those who haven't read his other books. It will be followed by a sequel, Javelin Rain, in 2016. Learn more at

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