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Amara is an Arizona native, cosplayer, and aspiring writer and photographer. She officially began cosplaying in 2005, creating many costumes since. More recently she has begun assisting and running panels at local conventions. Along with her friends, she hopes to bring entertainment and fun to these panels, while also being helpful to those hoping to learn from them!

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Brian Pulido's words and creations have been infecting the world of comics and beyond, creating a legacy of edgy characters and stories with a dark, sensibility that has influenced pop culture and made underground images mainstream.

Pulido’s experience ranges from award-winning comic book writing and publishing, to screenwriting, producing and directing. He founded Chaos! Comics and has published and written hundreds of comics including Lady Death, Evil Ernie and licensed comics including A Nightmare on Elm St., Chucky, Friday The 13th andTexas Chainsaw Massacre.

He is on The Hero Initiative’s fundraising board, has received the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Defender of Liberty Award and is the Chief Creative Officer for Mischief Maker Studios.

Pulido wrote and directed the feature film “The Graves”, starring Tony Todd (Candy Man) distributed by Syfy, Lionsgate, Netflix & Fear.net.

He is the co-writer of Lady Death, a monthly series from Boundless Comics and the owner of Coffin Comics Shop, crafters of authentically limited Lady Death editions.

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In 1979 with his Detroit friends, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, Campbell raised  $350,000 for a low-budget film, Evil Dead, in which he starred and co-executive produced. Completed piecemeal over four years, the film first gained notoriety in England where it became the best-selling video of 1983, beating out The Shining.  After its appearance at Cannes, where Stephen King dubbed it the most ferociously original horror film of the year, New Line Cinema stepped forward to release Evil Dead in the U.S. 
After co-producing Crimewave, a cross-genre comedy written by Sam Raimi, Ethan and Joel Coen, Campbell moved to Los Angeles and quickly gained a foothold producing or starring in genre films such as the Maniac Cop series, Lunatics: A Love Story, Moontrap and Mindwarp, a post-apocalyptic Jeremiah Johnson, during which he met his wife-to-be, filmmaker Ida Gearon. 
Campbell then rejoined his Detroit colleagues to star and co-produce the second and third films in the Evil Dead trilogy, completing 12 years of work on the cult favorite. This rough-and-tumble background was a plus as Campbell made his foray into television, first starring in the highly touted Fox series The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr., then as a recurring guest-star on the hit show Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.
With these under his belt, Campbell easily made the transition to director, helming numerous episodes and recurring as the King of Thieves in the #1 syndicated Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and its follow-up phenomenon, Xena: Warrior Princess. 
Bruce has since expanded his range on television, with appearances in Disney's TV movies Gold Rush, and their update of The Love Bug. He teamed up with Fox again for the hit TV film Tornado!, and starred in NBC's top-rated In The Line of Duty: Blaze of Glory. Following decidedly dramatic turns on the acclaimed series Homicide: Life on the Street and The X-Files, he enjoyed a recurring role on Showtime’s edgy TV industry comedy, Beggars and Choosers. 
At the invitation of ABC, Campbell ventured into the world of sitcoms with a recurring role on ABC's Emmy-nominated Ellen, participating in one of the three touted “out” episodes. 
But Campbell didn't abandon his film roots. During that time, he had featured roles in the blockbuster Congo, John Carpenter's Escape From LA, and the award-winning independent crime drama, Running Time. He followed these up 
with roles in Paramount's romantic comedy, Serving Sara, Jim Carrey's The Majestic, and all three of Sam Raimi's blockbuster Spider-Man movies. 
After a return to episodic television in the swashbuckling series, Jack of All Trades, Campbell took the title role in MGM's cult sleeper Bubba Ho-tep. His directorial debut, Man with the Screaming Brain premiered on the Sci Fi Channel, and Dark Horse Comics published the comic adaptation. 
Campbell has since made the leap into other forms of entertainment, and is enjoying his role as an author with back-to-back New York Times bestsellers: a memoir entitled If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor, and his first novel, Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way. 
In the multi-media industry, Campbell provided voices on cutting edge video games for Activision, THQ and Nova Logic - and he also enjoyed voicing characters for Disney’s animated TV series Tarzan and the Warner Brothers feature The Ant Bully. He also voiced the character of Mayor Shelbourne in the animated hit film Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. In 2011, Campbell voiced the role of Rod Torque Redline in Cars 2, the sequel to the hit Disney animated feature. 
Most recently, Campbell directed and starred as himself in My Name is Bruce, a spoof of his B-movie career, then re-teamed with Disney for their fun-filled hit, Sky High. 
In 2013, Bruce Co-Produced the hit remake of Evil Dead, joined his filmmaking pal Sam Raimi on Oz, The Great and Powerful, and completed an impressive seven-year run on spy show Burn Notice, the #1 show on cable. 
Campbell continues to share his acting and filmmaking experiences by lecturing at universities, including Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon and Stanford. 
He currently resides with his wife, Ida Gearon, in Oregon.

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Emmy-Nominated screenwriter, Dean Lorey, is currently an Executive Producer (with David E. Kelley) on THE CRAZY ONES, a comedy starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar that premieres on CBS this fall. His past TV credits include ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, MY WIFE AND KIDS and RUNNING WILDE.

His movie credits include MAJOR PAYNE, MY BOYFRIEND’S BACK and FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 9: JASON GOES TO HELL. He has also done uncredited work on many movies, including HAPPY GILMORE and GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE.

His novels include the young adult series NIGHTMARE ACADEMY (the first book, MONSTER HUNTERS, was awarded “Best Children’s Novel of the Year — 2008” by the SCIBA). The series is published in over 20 countries and is in development at Universal Studios. Currently, he is the co-author (with Vinnie Tortorich) of the recently released non-fiction bestseller FITNESS CONFIDENTIAL.

He lives in Southern California with his wife, two kids, one sort-of normal looking dog and one sort-of weird looking one.

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FANGORIA sliced its way onto the scene in 1979, becoming the only national publication devoted to the modern horror genre. Three and a half decades later, FANGORIA is still the number one authority on all things scary! FANGORIA provides the best in horror entertainment and news coverage including the website, magazine, film production and distribution divisions, convention circuit, and Dreadtime Stories series hosted by Malcolm McDowell. FANGORIA ENTERTAINMENT: We know what scares you!

Rebekah McKendry

Rebekah McKendry is the Director of Marketing for FANGORIA ENTERTAINMENT as well as a staff writer. She has been with FANGORIA since 2004, and began as a research assistant working for FANGORIA RADIO on Sirius XM. Additionally, she is a college professor teaching classes focused on film history and horror films. She has Bachelors degrees in Film and English, a MA in Media Education, a MFA in Film Production, and she is currently completing her PhD in Film Theory focused on horror and exploitation cinema. She also co-hosts a weekly podcast on GeekNation called KILLER POV.

Visit the Fangoria Website

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Military Historian and international weapons expert for motion picture and television, Gary is best known as the Gatling gun expert for such movies as The Last Samurai and as consultant for movies, Master and Commander and 3:10 to Yuma.  Mail Call, starring R. Lee Ermey. Recently, Gary and his production company, Harperhaus, was Firearms Expert for all of Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior, Season 3. This included him as on-air Teddy Roosevelt historian and Gatling gun expert for the episode, Teddy Roosevelt versus Lawrence of Arabia. Gary’s expertise with military history and weapons has made for the greatest of experiences and He was also Master Armorer for the History Channel’s series, adventures.

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Jeffrey J. Mariotte’s fifty-plus books include supernatural thrillers Season of the Wolf, River Runs Red, Missing White Girl, and Cold Black Hearts, horror epic The Slab, thriller The Devil’s Bait, and many more. His most recent novel is Star Trek: The Folded World. He also writes comic books and graphic novels, including the long-running horror/western series Desperadoes, Fade to Black, Zombie Cop, and others. He worked in comic book publishing for years, as VP of marketing for WildStorm Productions, senior editor for  WildStorm Productions/DC Comics, and editor-in-chief for IDW Publishing. He’s a co-owner of specialty bookstore Mysterious Galaxy, with locations in San Diego and Redondo Beach, CA. With his wife Maryelizabeth Hart, he lives on the Flying M Ranch in rural Southeastern Arizona, far away from almost everything. Find him online at http://jeffmariotte.com.
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Joe Corroney has been providing Lucasfilm with official Star Wars artwork for books, games, trading cards, comic books, posters and magazines since 1997. Other comic books he's illustrated include Star Trek, GI Joe, Fallen Angel, 24: Nightfall, Doctor WHO, Angel and Spike Vs. Dracula for IDW Publishing, Buckaroo Banzai, Kolchak The Night Stalkerand The Phantom for Moonstone Books and Crimson Dynamo for Marvel Comics. Currently, he's providing cover art for IDW's new True Blood series and BOOM! Studios' Farscape comic books, developing his creator owned comic book series, Death Avenger and continuing to create new Star Wars artwork for Lucasfilm.

Some of the other licenses and professional publishers he has illustrated for are DC Comics, Hasbro, The Lord of the Rings, Heroes, Wizards of the Coast, XBox, Dragon Magazine, Sony Picture's Men In Black, Xena: Warrior Princess,ThunderBirds: The Movie, IDG Entertainment, Rittenhouse Archives, Paizo Publishing, White Wolf Publishing, Cinemagraphix, Last Unicorn Games, West End Games, Image Comics, Blue Line Pro, and Microsoft's Age of Empirescollectible card game.

He was also the instructor for the Comic Book Illustration Course at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio (from 1998 - 2008) and has also taught the Ohio State University's Summer Comic Book Workshop.

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An American author who has published over twenty books, the titles AfterAge, deadrush, Final Impact, Red Shadows, DeadTimes, That's Not My Name and Mirror Me were solo novels, or fiction created solely by her. Her most recent works Highborn and Concrete Savior are part of The Dark Redemption Series. She lives in Arizona and is married to author Weston Ochse.
AfterAge was a finalist for the Horror Writers Association's 1993 Bram Stoker Award, in the category of Superior Achievement in a First Novel. Deadrush was a finalist for the Horror Writers Association's 1995 Bram Stoker Award, in the category of Superior Achievement in a Novel. Her 'Buffyverse' novel, The Willow Files, Vol. 2, won the 2002 Bram Stoker Award in the category of Works for Young Readers. Final Impact won the 1997 Chicago Women In Publishing Award for Excellence in Adult Fiction, and the Rocky Mountain News "Unreal Worlds" Award for Best Horror Paperback of 1997.
That's Not My Name was the First Place Winner of the Illinois Women's Press Association's 2001 Mate E. Palmer Communications Contest in the Fiction Novel Category. 
That's Not My Name was also the First Place Winner of the National Federation of Press Women's 2001 Communications Contest in the Fiction Novel Category. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Paleo was the First Place Winner in the Illinois Women's Press Association's 2001 Mate E. Palmer Communications Contest in the Juvenile Book Category, and the Third Place Winner, National Federation of Press Women's 2001 Communications Contest in the Juvenile Book Category.
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