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Brian Pulido's words and creations have been infecting the world of comics and beyond, creating a legacy of edgy characters and stories with a dark, sensibility that has influenced pop culture and made underground images mainstream.

Pulido’s experience ranges from award-winning comic book writing and publishing, to screenwriting, producing and directing. He founded Chaos! Comics and has published and written hundreds of comics including Lady Death, Evil Ernie and licensed comics including A Nightmare on Elm St., Chucky, Friday The 13th andTexas Chainsaw Massacre.

He is on The Hero Initiative’s fundraising board, has received the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Defender of Liberty Award and is the Chief Creative Officer for Mischief Maker Studios.

Pulido wrote and directed the feature film “The Graves”, starring Tony Todd (Candy Man) distributed by Syfy, Lionsgate, Netflix &

He is the co-writer of Lady Death, a monthly series from Boundless Comics and the owner of Coffin Comics Shop, crafters of authentically limited Lady Death editions.

For more info, visit:

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Brian and Kristy Miller are no strangers to the Phoenix Comicon. As co-owners of Hi-Fi Colour Design that are an important part Arizona comic culture and the comic book industry as a whole. Employing artists who do work for many different publishers including DC, Marvel, Disney, Wizard, and Lucasfilm (Star Wars). Brian was a colorist working under several different pen names till 1998, when he started Hi-Fi Colour. The pair now run Hi-Fi together and continue to help comic book artists grow. With their first two books Hi-Fi Color for Comics and Master Digital Color they share some of what they have learned over the years with aspiring comic book artists.

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Jae Lee is a Korean-American comic book artist, known for his dark and elegant style. In 1990, he became one of the youngest artists ever to work for a major publisher. He is an Eisner Award-winner for his work on Marvel's "The Inhumans."

The art from his collaboration with writer Grant Morrison on "Fantastic Four: 1234," was featured in an exhibition at The Society of Illustrators in New York City. In 2007, Lee was hand picked by Stephen King for a six year collaboration on the "Dark Tower" comics and novels.

Lee's recent projects include "Before Watchmen: Ozymandias" and "Batman/Superman."

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As the series’ lead character designer, Sean Galloway provided the defining look that served as a jumping-off point for the stories of the new half-hour Sony Pictures Television animated series THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN. Galloway is self-taught and reasonably new to the animation world having worked in the business since 2004 with no art schooling background. Before his work on THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, Galloway lent his artistic talents to several comic books, as a penciller for Marvel Comics’ “Venom”, cover artist for marvel adventures; and a cover artist for DC Comics’ “Teen Titans Go,”. Interiors for teen titans go, and teen titans Wednesday comics. For tv/film, he worked on storyboards for G.I. Joe Renegades, and WB, Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. and as a conceptual artist for both Disney's Tron Animated and DreamWorks "Mastermind" projects. He was also a character designer for the films “Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms, and Blood and Iron.” His latest animated feature work is on Disney’s Big Hero 6. Some of his game design works have been with Blizzard, EA, Sony Entertainment, Phoenix Age,THQ, Leapfrog, and Travian Games. He has also brought his talents as a toy designer to projects for both Hasbro toys and The UpperDeck sports trading card Company’s NFL vinyl line as well as DC Comics’ DC Collectibles Superman and Batman Black and White Statues. Sean is currently Art Directing and Designing “Cheats 4 Hire” for Travian Games. On the side, Sean works on his creator-owned properties: Bastion’s 7, Gumshoes 4 Hire, and Little Big Heads. Bastion’s 7 Gumshoes 4 Hire, Little Big Heads and all related characters TM and © Sean Galloway. All rights reserved 2014. Sean's work and updates can be found at: ,
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Tony Parker is an Eisner nominated artist, illustrator and college professor. He has worked for nearly every major US comic company (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, BOOM!, IDW, and Aspen), as well as Nike, Games Workshop, and private corporate clients. He has done comic work for Mass Effect, Godzilla, Conan, and Warhammer (Fantasy and 40K). He dislikes talking about himself in the third person, but if he put it in the first person, it would make it look like the book or website did all these things. You can find out more about his work, as well as see more of his art, at

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