You asked for a convention during colder weather and we heard you! Introducing Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2014, taking place December 12 – 14 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.

We’re focusing on key genres for Fan Fest: Comic books, costuming, kids, and actors. Festivities will kick off Friday morning and continue throughout the weekend. Spend the day checking out the exhibitor hall where you can get that hard to find geek item, meeting actors and comic creators, and enjoy the beautiful Arizona winter weather.

The University of Phoenix Glendale Stadium features Free Parking for all Fan Fest attendees. The University of Phoenix Stadium is an impressive facility that will provide sizable space for a dedicated exhibitor hall and artist alley, along with unique facilities for our unique style of programming. We're excited at the opportunity to create new events and to build on them in years to come.

The Exhibitor Hall takes place on the show floor, where the playing field normally is in the stadium. The field itself rolls outside on a platform. One cool factor is that when you’re walking our Exhibitor floor, you’ll be in the heart of the Stadium.

Our Artist Alley will be placed on the Concourse that rings the seating and playing field. This provides us with great space to get as many artists in as possible with room to grow in future years. The best part? As soon as attendees walk in the door they are at Artist Alley. We anticipate this will provide great foot traffic as we’ll also be featuring local costume groups on one end and cool activities on the other end of the Concourse.

In the coming weeks we will have much more information to share including guests, programming, events and more.

Keep up with everything on our Facebook and Twitter. You can also read more on our FAQ.

Fan Fest is its own individual event with its own focus. It is not a second Phoenix Comicon. Phoenix Comicon is captured lightning in a bottle with many positive forces making it what it is in scope and size. We don't anticipate being able to capture lightning in a bottle a second time. But if we can capture some sparks like light off a firefly, then we'll have accomplished our goal of entertaining attendees and bringing joy to the valley.