Writers Epic Quest


Phoenix Comicon 2013 Presents:
Writer’s Epic Quest
Writers Epic Quest –
Join the Books and Authors crew as we tirelessly and relentlessly seek out well written worlds, adventures, and ideas. 
Want to be a professional writer?
Want to improve your writing skills?
Want hints and help to start writing in or about a new genre?
Want ideas to help get past mental blocks?
Want to publish your works?
How can YOU join the quest?  
How do you complete your voyage?  
With what treasures will you return?
1.Preregistration is encouraged so we can have sufficient supplies available. Participants are requested to preregister by sending email to lee.whiteside@phoenixcomicon.com
    On site registrations will be taken on a first come-first served basis and is dependent on space availability.  Check in at the Writer's Epic Quest table outside room 104A in the West Hall.  
    Those embarking on this quest must be 13 years of age or older (unless given special consideration and acceptance at on-site registration) and must have a Phoenix Comicon Membership (Admission to Convention).  Unruly minors will forfeit their chance to continue the quest.
2.    Obtain your “Quest Map” and bring it, with you to all "Books/Authors" panels.
3.    Attend “How To” classes in the Books/Authors programming.  Look for  the “Epic Quest” signs to know which panels qualify for “Epic Quest” points.
4.    Have a member of the Books/Authors crew; (a volunteer and not the authors) sign your map before leaving the panel/session room.
5.    Each “How To” panel/session will count as 1 point towards your journey’s end (with the exception of “21 Days to a Novel” which is worth 3 points)
6.    Collect a total of 9 points to complete your quest.
7.    Turn in your completed and signed map and receive your Note of Merit (a certificate of completion) and your “treasure”  (misc. swag)
Are you ready?  Then get set . . . TALLY HO!