Exhibitor FAQ

Exhibitor Table and Booth Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I haven't heard about my placement yet or if I have my expansion?

Phoenix Comicon must have its floor plan approved prior to placing exhibitors and artists into their slot and this can take some time. As soon as approvals are complete we start placing exhibitors and notifying them of their position. If you haven't heard anything this is usually because we don't have the information yet. As exhibitors you are very important to Phoenix Comicon and we work to notify you as soon as possible about placement.

How many exhibitor badges come with my Exhibitor Table or Exhibitor Booth?

Every Exhibitor Table and Booth comes with three badges.

Can I purchase extra exhibitor badges?

Yes. A maximum of three additional badges are allowed per Exhibitor Table/Booth. Additional badges are available for purchase at $25 each and will be available for purchase during the registration process in Streampoint or on-site during exhibitor set-up times from Wednesday, May 27th 3:00pm on Thursday, May 28th, 2015 at the Exhibitor Manager Booth at the north side of the hall.

When can I pick up my exhibitor badges?

You will pick up your exhibitor badges when you check in on-site. Load in begins Wednesday, May 27th and continues on Thursday, May 28th, 2015 until 3:00pm.

Can I bring my own table? Shelves? Displays?

You are able to bring in your own tables, shelves, and displays as long as they fit within the space allocated to you. Exhibitors are not allowed to extend into the aisle (either touching the ground or hanging over the aisle), nor are they allowed to extend into your neighbor's booth or table space. All displays or shelves must also be free standing as they are not allowed to be connected to the pipe and drape that separates booths.

Is electricity provided?

Electricity is not automatically provided for exhibitors/artists, however electricity is available for purchase via Commonwealth Electric. Information can be found here.

Is Wi-Fi internet provided?

Wi-Fi internet is not automatically provided for exhibitors/artists, however Wi-Fi internet packages are available for purchase via Smart City. Information can be found here.

I have an Artist Alley Table and I'll be selling my own work, but can I sell someone else's work too?

No third-party selling. Artist Alley Tables allow for the sale of items created or produced by the artist. Artist Alley Tables do not allow for the sale of mass produced work that the artist is not involved in (such as bringing in one's old Spider-Man collection unless that artist worked on Spider-Man).

I just heard about how awesome your convention is. Do you have any available Exhibitor Booths or Artist Alley Tables? If not, when can I purchase a booth/table for 2016 Phoenix Comicon?

We've been sold out of both Exhibitor Booths and Artist Alley Tables for months now. We will be offering the option for our current and existing exhibitors to renew their spaces for 2016 Phoenix Comicon all weekend at the Exhibitor Managers Booth. For new or interested exhibitors please email exhibitor@phoenixcomicon.com to be added to the waiting list.