Mobility Services

Special Needs and Mobility Services

Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest and our Volunteers are committed to making our event the most enjoyable experience for all our attendees. For those attendees with special needs, please take a moment to review available services to help you.

Attendees who, because of a mobility-related disability, require reasonable accommodations, while at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest, may register for a Mobility Assistance Badge Holder when they pick up their Membership Badge at Registration. One additional Mobility Assistance Badge Holderwill be provided to one companion. Those who qualify will receive the following:

  • A badge holder identifying them as needing assistance from Phoenix Comicon Event Staff.
  • Access to designated Mobility seating area where available in panels, special events and forums.

Mobility Assistance Badges do not provide:

  • Early access to panels and special events
  • Guaranteed access into special events, photo ops, autographs, or panels.
  • The ability to skip lines

Seating Arrangement

We provide a limited number of seats dedicated to attendees with special needs. You must have a Mobility Assistance Badge Holder to access this area. Seating in our panels and forums are on a first come, first serve basis and we cannot guarantee seating for everyone so guests are encouraged to arrive early.

Waiting Line

All attendees, including those needing mobility services and/or with a Mobility Assistance Badge Holder, wishing to attend a panel or forum should enter the general waiting line for that event. If your disability does not allow you to secure a place in line, we suggest making arrangements with others in your party to take stand in line for you.


You can have a friend save a spot in line, if necessary.

Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing

ASL Interpretors will be available for guest spotlight panels. No other panels are scheduled for ASL support at this time.

Service Animals

Service Animals (specifically dogs trained to perform specific tasks or services for people with disabilities) are always welcome. They must be on a leash or harness and under the control of their owner.