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Tax Information for Exhibitors

The State of Arizona, City of Glendale and City of Phoenix require any exhibitors or creators who are selling product (either re-sale or original creations) to obtain temporary sales permits for the collection of sales tax. The Phoenix Comicon has no role in this process, other than to provide links to the forms for the convenience of our exhibitors and creators. Any questions regarding these applications should be directed to the State and City Department of Revenue's, respectively.

Information for Interested Artists and Vendors

With Phoenix Comicon's growth, we will no longer be offering an open sale of booths and tables in our Exhibitor Hall. We have a wait list that will be rolled over every year. If you are interested in being added to the wait list, please send the following information to exhibitor@phoenixcomicon.com.

Business (if applicable):
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To qualify for an Exhibitor Table, you must not be selling any third-party merchandise. Exhibitor Tables allow for the sale of items created or produced by the artist. Exhibitor Tables do not allow for the sale of mass produced work that the artist is not involved in. For example, one cannot bring in an old Spider-man Comic Book collection to sell... unless that artist worked on that Spider-Man collection in some capacity. If you do not meet this requirement, you will have to wait for an Exhibitor Booth to become available.


Directors of Operations: Jen Palmer jen.palmer@phoenixcomicon.com, and Lee Palmer lee.palmer@phoenixcomicon.com
Exhibitor Hall Manager: Kellie Ambrosia kellie.ambrosia@phoenixcomicon.com
Exhibitor Hall Team: exhibitor@phoenixcomicon.com

Existing Exhibitors:

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Existing Exhibitors can find information here.