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Battlefield Live AZ wants you and your team to compete in the First Annual USA CLAN WAR. For decades clan wars in the UK have determined who reigns as the number one team, who is the best of the best...Why should the UK have all the fun? Now is the time to step up and show us what you've got.

Special Event Registration Required $60 per team. 
Note: You must register in advance to participate in the Clan War Tournament.

We are looking for genre' clans. Like Whovians vs Trekkies, Star Trek vs. Star Wars, etc....

Five (5) players on the field per team and one (1) player in reserve. DOMINATION is the name of the game. Can your team hold king of the hill for 5 minutes? Step up and show us how it's done. The winning team will receive membership passes to the 2015 Phoenix Comicon (provided by Battlefield Live AZ) and complimentary entry into the 2015 Clan War to defend their title.

Show us your team spirit, show us your skills, show us your sportsmanship.

Join the BFLAZ Army Today.

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