Programming proposals / suggestions

You may suggest or propose a Programming panel to our team. The submission form below is for solid proposals. If you have suggestions, please send them to

Please give a detailed description of your idea. We'll use this summary to decide how the proposed event fits into the Convention and whether or not we can present it. The more information you can provide here, the better. A good way to approach this is to write an outline detailing each element of the event. Our schedule is planned in 1 hour blocks of time, so you'll need to be able to fill close to an hour without going more than a few minutes longer than an hour.

Most of our rooms are set up Theater style with seats all facing at the front of the room and a table and chairs on a riser at the front of the room for the presenter's. Most of our rooms will also have projectors that can be used with laptops and speakers for audio presentations. If you need a special layout of chairs in the room, let us know here.

Please list any materials needed for the event and note whether this is something you can provide or if it would be something you would need the convention to provide.

Due to the very large number of events we have planned we can't guarantee a specific time slot for any event. We will try to accommodate any reasonable scheduling request, but we very much appreciate if you can be as flexible as possible as far as scheduling for an event. If there are times when it would be impossible for you to present your event, please let us know.

The deadline for proposals is March 25th. Panels are selected based on Phoenix Comicon staff review and if your panel is selected we will contact you by April 1st. Presenters will be granted 1 single day pass good for the day of their panel. For questions about the submission process, please contact Joe Boudrie, Director of Programming at