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Information for Interested Vendors and Artists

With Phoenix Comicon’s growth, we are no longer offering open sales of booth sand tables in our Exhibitor Hall.  To manage interest, we have a wait list for spots in the hall.  If you do not get pulled for the current year, you will be rolled over to the next year.  If you are interested in joining our Exhibitor Hall, please fill out the form completely below.

Please whitelist phoenixcomicon.com in your email so you do not miss an opportunity with us!

To qualify for an Artist Alley Table, you must not be selling any third-party merchandise. Artist Alley Table's allow for the sale of items created or produced by the artist; not for the sale of mass produced work that the artist/creator is not involved in. For example, one cannot bring in an old Spider-man comic book collection to sell unless that artist worked on that Spider-Man collection in some capacity. If you do not meet this requirement, you will have to wait for an Exhibitor Booth to become available.

Please Note: Current Exhibitors do not need to fill out this form!  Please contact the Exhibitor Hall Manager if you have questions about your current space.

If you are not sure if you qualify for a space in the Exhibitor Hall or have questions, please contact Kellie Ambrosia, Exhibitor Hall Manager.



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