Kris Neri
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Kris Neri writes a humorous paranormal series, featuring a questionable psychic who teams up with a modern goddess/FBI agent to fight otherworldly bad guys. The latest book in the series, MAGICAL ALIENATION, won the New Mexico-Arizona Book Award in the Science Fiction/Fantasy category. Allyson James, the bestselling author of STORMWALKER, describes it as: “a hilarious tangle of gods and goddesses. Samantha and her Celtic-goddess sidekick Haggerty make this book a winner!” TALES OF THE TALISMAN wrote of MAGICAL ALIENATION: “The best way I an describe this book is if you could take Neil Gaiman's AMERICAN GODS, and somehow inject it with laughing gas.”

MAGICAL ALIENATION and the first book in the series, HIGH CRIMES ON THE MAGICAL PLANE, also received Lefty Award nominations for their humor. Kris also writes the madcap Tracy Eaton mystery series, featuring the daughter of eccentric Hollywood stars, and well as standalone thrillers. She teaches writing online for the prestigious Writers’ Program of the UCLA Extension School, and with her husband, owns The Well Red Coyote bookstore in Sedona, AZ.

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