2017 Exclusives Rules And Submission Guidelines

This year, we are going to make the Phoenix Comicon Exclusives submission process as smooth as possible.

Here are the improvements:

  • Exclusives should be unique to Phoenix Comicon and unavailable to other conventions.
  • Deadline for submissions will be SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED
  • We encourage you to send submissions before the deadline. We will not accept submissions after the deadline has passed.
  • Submission deadline may be shortened or moved up if we reach capacity on amount of exclusives we can accept.
  • Art submitted must be original work or a license you own.
  • Submissions will be juried by members of Phoenix Comicon and approved or declined within 72 hours of receipt. There will be a limited number of approved exclusives for Phoenix Comicon 2016.
  • Approved exclusives will be listed on the Phoenix Comicon website. Approved exclusives may be promoted on social media at the discretion of Phoenix Comicon.

Send an email to exclusives@phoenixcomicon.com with the following:

  • Subject: Phoenix Comicon 2017 Exclusive Submission
  • Full Name
  • Booth/Exhibitor Name
  • Contact Information
  • Title of submission
  • PDF, JPG, or TIFF (max 20mb) of your exclusive.

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