Art Contests Programming
Duct/Duck Tape Costume Contest
Thursday, 8:00pm - 10:00pm

You've heard of the Duck Tape prom dress competition- now there's a pop culture version! You've watched the Mythbusters make a boat with duck tape, armor should be cinch. Let your creative juices fly ... then cover them in tape!

(Oh, you haven't heard of it? You can check it out at the Duck Brand website)

To get you started, here's some tutorials and inspiration (Note- your costume need not be 100% tape, you can cover fabric or cardboard with tape. Please make it MOSTLY duct tape, though!)

Get ideas on making tape clothing at Wikiehow's Make A Duct Tape Dress tutorial

Check out an article on this lovely Firefly couple at Costume Craze

Ohh look, a Princess Leia! She made it a mini-dress, but it's adorable.

Duct tape Disney group at Dragon*Con!

A very cool tutorial on duct tape boots.

(and then, after reading that, you'll think "Yeah, but how do I make one of those sweet Musketeer hats? Me too! Here ya go... )

Plus, the biggest question of all answered by Mental Floss: Is it Duck Tape or Duct Tape?

Titles awarded will include:
Most Amazing
Most Beautiful
Most Humorous
Most Applause (Audience Favorite)
And maybe more....

To pre-register (even if you're not sure you'll be done in time) email Include your name, contact phone number, and what your costume is. WIP (work-in-progress pics welcome!)

Judges feature "Captain Tape-pants" himself Huntington Keith, and TV's Commander Holly!

who'll be here
  • Huntington Keith
  • Janice Tuerff
  • Shirley Runyon
Lego Build Off - All Ages
Sunday, 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Location: Art Room - Events Area

Challenge your imagination and LEGO building skills! LEGO will be supplied (sorry, not to keep). This friendly competition is open to all.

Lego Build Off - Youth
Saturday, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location: Art Room - Events Area

Chanllenge your building skills! LEGO will be supplied (sorry, not to keep). This friendly competition is aimed at youth 12 and under, but all are welcome to come see the fun and creativity!

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