Albert Morales is a comic strip illustrator currently producing work on his strip SUPER IMPACTO VS. THE WORLD. He also publishes the newspaper BIG TIME FUNNIES, which consists of several syndicated and non-syndicated strips allowing for a new look at comic strip illustration to be enjoyed by new audiences. Albert has had the opportunity to work with the HERO INITIATIVE on several of their 100 book projects including Wolverine 100, New Avengers 100, Fantastic Four 100, Walking Dead 100, Hellboy 100, and most recently TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 100.
Albert is also an official MARVEL/ UPPER DECK artist and has worked on Captain America 75th Anniversary, Marvel Gems, Marvel Annuals, and FLEER ULTRA SPIDER-MAN. Albert currently wrapped up his run for Marvel Premier and was asked offered to come back to Spider-man just in time for SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING.  His recent work has brought on many opportunities such as work with OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, the CARTOON ART MUSEUM, and GAME ON EXPO; but it was just announced a new book project is underway entitled “ANNIHILATION JONES”.

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