Bertram Jacobs is currently serving as School of Life Sciences Director and as a professor of virology. As part of ASU’s Biodesign Institute, his research is focused on developing a vaccine for HIV  one that prevents infection or extends the lives of HIV patients. Jacobs also leads a group of students every summer to sub-Saharan Africa to teach AIDS prevention to the international community.

Jacobs is one of the worlds foremost experts on a poxvirus called vaccinia, a cousin of the smallpox virus. He has genetically engineered vaccinia as a vehicle against a number of infectious agents, bioterrorism threats, cancer, and other viruses, including HIV.

He also assists HIV/AIDS-related support organizations. He currently serves on the Board ofDirectorss for Aunt Ritas Foundation, on the Advisory Board for Support for International Change, and on the Board of Directors for HEAL.

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