David Anders
Appearing on Friday, Saturday & Sunday
OUAT Photo Op Trio $110*
Photo Ops $50*
Autographs $40*

*Plus taxes and fees


David Anders is currently on the hit TV show iZombie as Blaine DeBeers. He is also known for his roles as Julian Sark on Alias, Adam Monroe on Heroes, John Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries, Troy Cutler on Necessary Roughness and Dr. Whale on Once Upon A Time. He has also made appearances in Charmed, CSI, Deadwood, Grey’s Anatomy, 24, Warehouse 13, House, Arrow, Criminal Minds and Stalker.

His film credits include, Into the Blue 2: The Reef, the remake of Children of the Corn and The Revenant.

David Anders has also appeared off Broadway as the lead in a pretty little musical called Beautiful, as the lead of Rockne: The Musical, as Peter in The Diary of Anne Frank and as Freddy in My Fair Lady.

10:30AM - Signing

11:30AM - Photo Op

1:00PM - Signing

3:00PM - Panel - West 301BCD

4:15PM – Once Upon A Time Photo Op with Karen David and Sean Maguire

4:30PM - Signing

10:30AM - Signing

11:15AM - Photo Op

11:30AM - Once Upon a Time Photo Op with Karen David and Sean Maguire

11:45AM - Signing

2:00PM - Signing

11:00AM - Signing

2:00PM - Signing

3:45PM - Photo Op

4:00PM - Signing

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