The brothers Shawn and Matthew Fillbach are among the best long-form comics creators in the industry today. Working interchangeably as writers and artists, the Fillbach Brothers became famous for their almost fifteen years run on the STAR WARS CLONE WARS digest comics series. After that they went exclusive with 1First Comics, and have had a run of astonishing variety producing books from hard edge stories (CADAVER DOGS OF WINTER) to books with a strong comedic bent (CAPTAIN FREEBIRD: AMERICAN PRAYER) and an all-ages series for their digest format fans (TALES OF THE S.S. JUNKY STAR). They have also illustrated books in collaboration with other writers (LIVES; FRICKIN’ BUTT-KICKIN’ ZOMBIE ANTS). But always, at the core, the telltale trademark of a Fillbach Brothers book is the heart. Happily, for their legions of fans, they have two new original graphic novels set for release later in 2017.

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