Crews Needed!  It’s a big Verse and we need your help to protect it!

Who or What is “Starship Academy”?

We provide the staff and equipment to run interactive starship bridge simulations. We allow attendees to play the bridge crew and help fly a cooperative spaceship. While we will have a First Officer in each room to help with any issues you encounter, it is up to you and your fellow players to control the starship.

This year at Phoenix Comicon

Two separate bridge simulations will be running starting Thursday Night at 6pm through Sunday afternoon. Between the two simulations we will have a total of 8 starships to fly. Show up 30 minutes prior to departure time to run through training classes to learn how to play one of 6 stations on the starships.



Pick between Artemis a fast paced Arcade shooter, and Horizons a Simulation in space flight.  All of our events are rated “T” for Teen during the day, but at 10:00 pm we switch to “M” for Mature as it is past curfew. Tuck the kids into the crew bunks and come back for no holds bar action.



Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Departing at the Top of the Hour. Join a crew of 6 bridge officers and fly together with 5 other starships to help defend a terrain sector of space from alien attack. Exfast-pacedast paced action as waves of alien scum try to destroy our space bases.



Starship Horizons: Advanced Bridge Simulator

Departing at the Bottom of the Hour. Join a crew of 6 bridge officers to fly with a second ship and patrol the stars of the United Space Faring Planets. Jump between the stars and patrol planets to keep the space lanes safe for merchant traffic.




The “Zapp Off!” will be back and take on the role of a Pirate in our special events.



Zapp Off - Horizons!

What would happen if Zapp Brannigan was in command of the fleet? Find out at Midnight on Saturday when the pants come off. Yes pants come off. This event is rated AO for Adults Only.



Zapp Off - Artemis

WARNING!!! Zapp invades Amazonia. “Death by Snu Snu!”



Dawn Patrol - A Pirate Adventure 

New this year!  Go out on your own, and be a pirate! Loot the TSN Shipping lanes and sell the goods to become the most infamous Pirate Captain to ever Jump the Verse.




The following Bridge Officer Stations will be available during the convention.




The brains of the ship, you can not push any buttons that effect the game. You are, however, in charge and will lead the ships most critical decisions.




The galaxy is big and the TSN has many enemies. You will load ordinance and fire weapons to keep the galaxy safe. Just remember to raise the shields




If it’s not directly on the bridge of your starship, it will require you to coordinate it. Make sure cries for help get answered to keep the galaxy safe.




The pilot. Sitting in dry dock is not the goal. You will be the one flying the starship, avoiding enemy fire and getting the ship back to the star base.




Space is vast, and it’s easy to get lost. Not for you however, with sensors and scanners galore you know where things are and what they are before we get there.




They break it, you fix it. Can you give it all the ship has got? Overclock and repair the ship to keep it online and get it home again.


But wait there is more! Recent miniaturization of starship technology has allowed the TSN to build stunt fighters. There is very limited seating is available to fly fighters as we have retrofitted our dreadnaught with fighter bays.


Fighter Pilot

Because strapping a seat to an engine sounds like a good time, take the fight to the aliens directly by piloting a stunt fighter. You’re the pilot, gunner, navigator and comm’s office of a one man space ship.

“What will you do, when you have the Conn?”

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